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IP address is a class A address that is usually used in local area networks. Some routers such as Comcast Xfinity routers use this address as their default gateway and login address. It is similar with and that are favored by router factories.

If you are using a Comcast Xfinity router, usually the IP range is –, and the mask is, the gateway is customarily used with Although you could change it to other ones, this one is easy to remember and it is widely used to setup routers.

A lot of companies intranet IPv4 addresses are set 10.*.*.*, which allow 65,536 hosts, much more than 192.168.*.* addresses. It’s the biggest advantage that network serves.

How to connect address?

If you want to access your router’s admin panel, you could visit with a browser to reach it, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone. You could also ping this address to see if the router is working properly.

After you’ve logged into your router’s admin page, you will see a lot of setting options, such as wireless network, ADSL/PPPOE, WiFi security, DHCP, IP address and MAC address, routing, network forwarding, router password, etc.

How to log in to a router with IP address?

If you need to configure your router or view its settings, you need to log into it first.

Find a browser in your computer or mobile phone, type in the address bar, then hit ‘Enter’ key, it will bring you router’s login interface, fill in it’s username and password, and click ‘OK’. The router will present you a management page with menus and router settings.

If your computer could ping successfully but it can’t open router admin pages, you need to check whether you’ve typed the address correctly. And you need to confirm whether the browser is working behind a proxy or a firewall.

How to confirm my router IP address?

Most routers come along with manuals that indicate you their default IP addresses, you could also check the printed text on a label that is attached on the surface of your router for find router IP address with this article, or check router default IP address list here. But if you’ve changed the default address before, you couldn’t connect to it via a browser, then it is suggested to reset the router to recover all default settings.

What can I do if I forget router password?

If your router blocks you from logging into it, the password you’ve entered may be wrong, or you’ve changed it before and forget it.

How to find router password back if I don’t remember it? You could reset the router to recover default login information, the data is reserved in a router chip. To restore the data, you need to find the reset button and press it for about 10 seconds. After a light flashes, the process succeed. If you need router default username and password list, check this page.

Router’s Default Username and Password List