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IP address is another popular admin address for many routers including SMC and Belkin brand. Moreover, these two brands also use and as their default gateway addresses.

Log Into

To access to your router, first you need to figure out this IP could be accessed with an browser, which means you can visit with any browser on your PC or mobile phone. Then you need to enter router’s username and password that you can find in this list. Or you could try username ‘admin, password ‘smcadmin’ if you are using a SMC model.

Some Belkin routers support using “https://router” instead, it’s the same way that could bring you to the admin center.

Why can’t I connect to

This problem could be complicated if you don’t know how to check your computer’s IP settings. If you can’t link to, first you need to try connecting to it both with your computer and mobile phone, or another computer. If they don’t work, there must be something wrong with your router, or the default gateway address is wrong. You may changed it to other address like or By resetting the router, it can bring the default IP address back.

If one of your device connects to the router successfully, it means the router is working good, the problem lies in the network settings. Some of your computer aren’t compatible with router’s network, or they are in different network groups. Try to run the command ‘ipconfig /all’ to see where the problem is.

Setting up your router with

The setting up steps for your SMC or Belkin routers are quite similar to other popular routers. Check this Belkin router setting up video for details.

All the steps are web-based that you can easily set up the router very easily.

Router’s Default Username and Password List