is a typical router login IP address which is similar to and, to access the router control page, connect your computer or cell phone to the router network and type the address into your browser.

Many router brands including Askey, Lenovo, Smartrg, Smc, Technicolo, Ubeer, Zyxel, and Huawei use as their admin IP address.

How to access

To set up or configure a router, you need to go to the router administration page, type into your browser, and enter the default username and password, either on your PC or smartphone, or on Windows, Android, macOS, or iOS to use the built-in browser.

  1. Turn the router on. Connect your computer device to the LAN port, or connect your phone to the WIFI with the name of the router model. It is recommended to connect to the router and log in using a wired computer, as this will prevent some cell phones from connecting due to WIFI instability.
  2. Open your preferred web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and type the IP address of your router ( into the address bar. If you don’t remember the login address, it’s on the back of the router package. If the login fails, you must obtain the router’s manual. It will display the correct default gateway IP address.
  3. To gain access, administrators must use the default username and password. You can find the sticker with the default username and password on the back of the router by flipping it over. Enter your login information and click Login. login password

To log in to admin panel, you need to enter router login username and password. In most cases, users don’t know what the default username and password are. However, you can find them, as well as serial number and default router IP address in the following list.

Router BrandsIP addressUsernamePassword
Smc192.168.100.1MSO changeme

How to configure a router using

Go to the router management page after you’ve completed the instructions above. Scroll through the list of options on the home page until you locate the General Network Settings section. 1. In most cases, the router will offer three different forms of Internet access.

Dial-up: The most common PPPoE dial-up method is the operator assigning the consumer an account number and password, which the user then uses to dial up and authenticate to the Internet.

Dynamic IP address: when a device goes offline, the server obtains the assigned IP address and assigns it to another online client, effectively saving IP addresses and increasing their effective usage rate. The dynamic acquisition of IP addresses is simple to use and is often used by home users who only need to select the dynamic acquisition of IP numbers to access the Internet.

Manual configuration: Choose Manual Configuration when configuring a fixed IP address for the gateway, which is conducted by the carrier and is often used by companies or servers that require a fixed IP address for user access.

Configure the router administrator password The administrator password is frequently confused with the wireless password; however, these two passwords are distinct. Although you can use the same password for both, it is recommended that you use different passwords.

Set your WiFi password, which is used to connect your phone, laptop, or other device to the router.

Note: Always save the details of any modifications you make.

Why can’t I access

  1. Make sure you are connected to the network.
    Check to see if your phone and computer are correctly linked to the network; if they are, our gadget will be able to obtain an IP address. After that, you’ll be able to access the login screen.
  2. Check to see if the router has a regular green or blue light.
    Make that the router is turned on and connected in; depending on the model, the light should light up or blink.
  3. Check the information on the back of the router to see if your router’s default login address is
    Check to see if the address you supplied matches the default address on the back of our router. If it doesn’t match, reset the router to factory defaults and log in using the default address on the label.
  4. Check for any spelling mistakes in the address you typed in.
    We must type the entire domain name into the browser address box, including ‘com’, as well as ‘http://’.

Forgot login password

If you forget the login password of your router, try to log in using the default password. If you cannot log in, the only way to do so is to reset the router and then log in to the router and reconfigure the network using the default password.

How to reset the router

Friendly reminder – After resetting the router, all your manual configuration of the router will be restored to the factory default state, no different from a new router, and you need to reconfigure the network to access the Internet.

Use the RESET button to restore the factory settings

The reset method is the same: the router is powered on, press and hold the router RESET button for 8~10 seconds (i.e. when the indicator light is fully lit) and then release it, the router restores factory settings. (The small RESET hole should be pressed with a pointed object such as a pen tip).

Note: Some wireless routers share a button for WPS and RESET.

After the router restores factory settings, you need to log in to the router again to configure the network.

Note: If you are unable to log into the router using, you should reset the router to factory settings as a last resort. Therefore, once you have made changes to the router, make a note of the default IP, username and password, and WiFi password for future use.