can be used as default gateway address for accessing the admin interface of routers and modems. It is also a LAN address, like other LAN addresses, it can only be accessed within the LAN. Through, you can access the router’s management panel in order to make changes to the router and wireless network settings.

How to login to

Here are detailed steps of how to login to the router admin interface through

  1. Open a browser on your PC, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, any of them is OK.
  2. Type your router’s default gateway address in the address bar, then hit Enter.
  3. You’ll be taken to the router’s login page. To proceed to the next page, you will be required to enter your login username and password. router login
  4. Each router has a different combination of default login username and password. The default login username and password are printed on a label on the back/side of the router.
  5. Enter router’s default login username and password, then click ‘Login’.
  6. If the login credentials are correct, you will access to router’s admin web interface, where you will see router and WiFi network settings.


There are many things you need to ensure before you can access the router admin web interface.

  • The first is that your wireless router’s default IP address is, not, or others. If it is not, you will not be able to access the router admin web interface through this IP address.
  • To confirm your router’s default IP address, read how to find router IP address.
  • Make sure your PC/Laptop or mobile phone is connected to the router. Either wired network or WiFi could connect your devices.
  • Connect to your router’s WiFi SSID (WiFi network name). If you connect to someone else’s WiFi, chances are your wireless password is incorrect, and you will be unable to connect to the WiFi.

How to configure your wireless router through

Wireless routers are becoming increasingly widespread these days, especially as more people use smartphones and tablets that can connect to WiFi. Follow the detailed procedures below for setting up WiFi for the wireless router in order to offer a wireless network for computers and cell phones.

  1. Power on the router, plug the network cable into WAN port. For the network cable that is connecting with your computer the router, plug the it into a LAN port.
  2. Login to the router follow above steps, if you forget the login username and password, try ‘admin/admin‘ to see if they works.
  3. After logged in, you will see router’s main menus. Go to network section, you will see wireless network(WiFi network) settings.
  4. Turn on the WiFi function, look for WiFi SSID(wireless network name), enter a new name if you want to change it.
  5. Navigate to WiFi password section, choose WPA2 or WPA3 for the security protocol, then in the password field, type a new password that is strong and complex enough.
  6. Save all data to apply changes.

Now your router is connected to the internet and it is serving WiFi network, you can easily connect to its wireless network and surf the web.