is private IP address used as the router admin page’s login address, it is also the LAN’s default gateway address. If you want to set the IP address of your computer, you must set the default gateway to to access the Internet.

There are many 192.168.x.x IP addresses, like or are set by router manufacturer for routers. You can see lots of different router brands use different IP address as their login address, such as,, and so on. How do you know what router’s login address is? The easiest way is to read the manual or the router’s printed sticker.

How to login to

To access your router, you need to enter router’s default login IP address in the address bar of your browser. After logged into router’s admin panel, you can configure the following settings: IP Qos, DNS, Guest Network, Parental Control, LAN, WAN, Network Management, Security Options, WiFi Settings, PPPOE Internet Access Method, WPS, DSL and DHCP clients. You can follow these steps to login router’s admin panel through

  1. Open a web browser on your computer or mobile phone.
  2. In the URL bar, type or and hit Enter. router login
  3. The router will then display a login box, prompting you to enter your login username and password. If you haven’t changed them, enter the router’s default login username and password.
  4. If you don’t router’s default login username and password, you can check your router’s sticker or manual.
  5. If the login credentials are correct, you will be brought to the router’s admin panel.

Unable to access

If you can’t access router’s IP address, there are several possible problems, please see the following specific analysis:

  • Your computer or mobile phone is not connected to the router. If you are using a network cable, make sure that one end of the cable is plugged into the computer’s network card port and the other end is plugged into the router’s LAN port.
  • If you are using wireless network, make sure your Laptop or mobile phone is connected to the right WiFi, not other’s 4G or 5G mobile network.
  • Make sure is your router’s login address, you can check your computer’s network settings to see the gateway address, or follow How to find router IP address steps to find it.
  • Don’t mistype the IP address as 192,168,31,1 or, you can type http:// in front of the address, but not https://.

How to change WiFI SSID and password?

To access your wireless router you need to look for a wireless signal, and find the one with your wireless name on it to connect. SSIDs and passwords are many of them preset by the router factory and can be found on the router’s sticker. If you want to change them, follow these steps.

Change WiFi SSID(WiFi network name)

  1. Login to your router following above steps.
  2. Select Router Network Settings in the main menu.
  3. Find wireless network or WiFi network section.
  4. In the WiFi network name(WiFi SSID) field, type in your new WiFi network name.
  5. Save your changes.

Change WiFi password

  1. Login to your router following above steps.
  2. Select Router Network Settings in the main menu.
  3. Find wireless network or WiFi network section.
  4. In the WiFi password field, select WiFi security or WiFi protocol, it is recommended to choose WPA2 or WPA3 as they are more secure than WPE, WPE is an outdated protocol.
  5. Then in the password field, type your new WiFi password.
  6. Save your changes.

Your router is performing better and is more secure now that you’ve changed the login password and changed the WiFi network settings. You can now explore the internet without any difficulty. You can also optimize some settings, such as parental controls and so on, if the router supports that feature.