Asus Router Login

Asus router login address are mainly and You can either use this URL address or the IP address to login to Asus router’s admin panel. It’s also the gateway address, so if you ping, it will return the LAN address.

How to login to Asus router?

To log in to the WEB interface of your ASUS router, it is very simple to open your favorite browser and enter the login address ( or in the URL address bar to jump to the login screen.

  1. If this is your first time logging into the ASUS router, you’ll need to configure the wireless network(WIFI), as well as the name and password(you need to set up a new network for the first time to set up the router).
  2. When logging in to the router for the first time, you must also enter the login username(which you can change to admin) and the new login password, which must be typed twice before clicking Next.
  3. If this isn’t your first time entering into an Asus router, you’ll need to enter the router’s default username and password, or your own personalized password.
  4. Set up the Internet access on the router. You must first input a new network name (SSID) and then the password to connect to the Internet if the network name and password have been changed.
  5. After the setup is complete, you can see the status of your computer’s network, if it show Online, it means your router is working.Asus router login

Note: If you are using a computer to log in, make sure your computer is connected to the LAN port of your router with a network cable. If you are using your phone or tablet to log in, you must connect it to router’s WiFi network.

Unable to login Asus router?

  • Check ASUS router connection: Router’s WAN port needs to be connected to your ISP’s cable, and your computer needs to be connected to router’s LAN port, either port 1,2,3,4 will work.
  • ASUS router’s default login addresses are and, but I recommend you use to access its login page. Because ASUS routers will automatically change the IP address based on the IP address in the network, using may not open the login page.
  • Login credentials: The default login username and password of ASUS router are ‘admin’, if this login credentials don’t work, it means you have changed login password. Try to remember it or look for other default password in the following list.
  • Check your computer’s network settings: You need to set your computer to obtain IP address automatically, or set its IP address in the same range of LAN.

If you lost login password of this router, or it was previously set by someone else, and you can’t find it back, the only solution: factory reset the router.

How to factory reset Asus router

The simple step is: long press the reset button on ASUS router for more than 10 seconds to restore the factory settings.

Reset button on the ASUS router

On most ASUS routers, the reset button is located next to the power connector/power button. However, on other models, the reset button is hidden within a small hole and must be pressed with a small instrument like as a toothpick.

The router will not be able to access the Internet until it has been successfully reset. After you’ve factory reset the router, it’s time to login to the router again and open settings pages to configure ISP, WiFi SSID, WiFi password, and other settings.