What does the orange light on your router mean?

Usually there are three colors of LED lights on routers: green, red and orange. When your router is working properly, the green LED light will turn on, indicating that your router is normal. Instead, when your router fails, a red LED lights up, alerting you to repair or reconfigure your router. Then, what does the orange light on your router mean?

What does the orange light on your router mean?

Typically, an orange LED light indicates a warning. Your router may have an orange light for the following reasons:

  • The setting is incomplete
  • No internet connection
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Ongoing Data Activities
  • Indicates an error

orange light on your router

Under normal circumstances, when your router displays an orange light,  it indicates that the router is still working normally, but it’s disconnected from the network connection.

If your router cannot access the Internet according to the orange light, you should try the following methods.

Troubleshooting Router Orange Lights

  1. Check if the ISP interrupt service.
    The interruption of network service by the broadband service provider can also cause the router to have an orange light.
  2. Check whether the network cable between WAN port and the optical modem is disconnected.
    The network disconnection between the router and the optical modem will also cause the orange indicator to be displayed. You may re-check whether the network cable connection is reliable; and check whether the optical modem’s network is normal.
  3. Router firmware upgrade.
    If you’ve avoided upgrading your router’s firmware for a long time, your router may be signaling that it’s finally time to upgrade. To do this, you need to log into the router and find the firmware upgrade settings. They are usually under maintenance, system or administration in a setup and done manually.
  4. Consult customer service to check whether the nearby broadband is repaired.
    Repairs are underway near the broadband, then the broadband may temporarily interrupt the network, then we can only wait for the broadband service to be normal.
  5. Reconnect all network connections.
    Re-insert the connection between the router, computer, optical modem and other devices, and turn on the device again.
  6. Reset the router to factory settings.
    If you’ve tried all the methods mentioned above and the orange light is still on, resetting your router to factory settings may be the solution to the problem. However, before proceeding, you need to know that all your configuration information will be removed. Therefore, you must reset your router and use the default login details to access and manage your network.

Finally, when the internet connection is normal, the orange lights of the ‘Network’ and ‘LAN’ lights on the router will disappear.