is login address of TP-Link routers, it’s web-based gateway address, you can easily visit it by a browser at, so you don’t necessary use an IP address to login.

How to login at

To access, you must connect your computer to your router. You can also connect your device to the router with WiFi network if you are using mobile phone. Then follow these simple steps to login to TP-link router.

Open your web browser of choice (chrome, Firefox, etc.) and enter into the address bar.
If you do not know the login address, you can find it on the back of the router package, you can also read the router manual, It lists the correct login address of the default gateway.

For some models of TP-link routers, you can also visit or instead.

Now enter router’s default username and password by accessing the administration panel. You can try the login credentials admin/admin, or more in the following list.

Default username and password of

To login to the admin panel of, you need to enter your TP-Link router login username and password. In most cases, users do not know what they are, however, you can find the default user name and password, as well as the serial number and the default router IP address on the box of the router or on the label on the back of the router.

You can also use the following default login information.

Login address:
Login username: admin
Login password: admin

user createuser create30%

Unable to access

If you can’t access, the first step to do is to check whether you are connected to the network. You need to check whether your device is connected to the router via an Ethernet cable or via WiFi. If your mobile phone is using a 4G network, then it won’t reach the router network, as they don’t share the same gateway.

  • Check to see if your router is running.
  • Check that the router is plugged in and turned on, and the lights or your router are blinking.
  • Check that the router’s IP address is, not some other address.
    If the router’s IP is not, you will not be able to get there. Please check the router manual or label on the back of the router for the right router login address.
  • You can also try to ping or if it’s the same gateway address.
  • Check that you spell the address correctly, check if it is
  • Please check if the address you entered has the wrong symbol, for example . becomes , or letters and numbers are mixed up.

What to do if you forget the login password?

If you forget the login password of, you can try to login with the default password. If you still are unable to login, you can try to reset the router then login again, sometimes, when routers have been running too long, they might have some problems.

How to factory reset your router?

If you lost your login password, of you want to restore router settings, follow these simple steps below.

Note: Restoring factory settings means all configurations of the router will be lost, and you need to reset the router to access the Internet.

Restore factory settings via admin interface

  1. Go to the ‘Restore Factory Settings’ module in the ‘System Management’ page.
  2. Click ‘Restore Factory Settings’.
  3. Then wait the router to reboot by itself.

Restore factory settings via Reset button

When the router is powered on, press and hold the Reset button (there are two types: RESET button or RESET hole) on the body for 10 seconds and then release it. Then wait the router LED lights flash.

Note: Some routers share the same button for WPS and RESET.

After successful reset, log back into the admin interface to see whether all data has been restored to factory settings.